Alastair and Lauren Graham with daughter Marin

On Sunday 22nd April, Alastair Graham will be representing the charity CHUF (Children’s Heart Unit Fund) with its first ever London Marathon place.

CHUF’s mission is to make life better for children and young people who are born with or develop heart conditions by providing lifelong support to them and their families.

Alastair and his wife Lauren want to give something back to the CHUF charity which provided care and support to his family following the birth of his daughter Marin in January 2015. Marin was born with a congenital heart condition called coarctation of the aorta at the RVI hospital in Newcastle. From there she was transferred to the Freeman Hospital which is one of the only two centres able to carry out heart transplants in babies and children, where Marin underwent open heart surgery which went on to save her life.

The Freeman Hospital saves lives daily with around 20 heart transplants and 300 open heart surgeries performed each year. The fundraising goal for the event has been set at £2,000, which Alastair is hoping to hit well in advance of the big day. Alastair commented:

“Putting our personal connection aside, fundraising for CHUF is raising money for a small charity that can offer a tangible benefit to help so many children and their families. You can really engage people in your fundraising journey. As Marin gets older and more aware of what her annual appointments involve, we want her to be as comfortable as possible. The charity comes into its own by offering facilities to occupy children and make their families comfortable.”

The London marathon isn’t the first race that Alastair has run to raise money for CHUF. He has already tackled the Great North Run twice before, and regularly takes on 10k races and park runs at his home in Sheffield. He says he is “really honoured” to have been awarded the first ever London marathon place for the charity. Luke Ibbetson, Director at XCM commented:

“We are honoured to be able to contribute to this amazing charity that supports in saving young people’s lives. The support and love CHUF showed Marin and Alastair’s family has been fantastic, and we hope this project will help save more lives in the future. Alastair is going to absolutely smash the beast that is the London Marathon, so please get behind him and donate whatever you can to this fantastic cause.”

With your help and support, funds raised can help CHUF towards new equipment, facilities, aftercare, and research. To help support Alastair and the CHUF charity in raising money for vital cardiac support for infants, please follow this link –

For more information about CHUF and the fantastic work that they do, please follow this link to a video about the charity –

You can also follow Alastair’s journey via his Twitter feed here –


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