XCM Sotogrande SchoolOn Thursday 19th April, members of the XCM Gaming Team, as well as over 50 other professionals, attended the Sotogrande International School Careers Convention. Here, students could gain valuable insights into a wide variety of careers, helping them to develop their interests by talking to the professionals and asking them a number of questions regarding their jobs.

Students had a wide range of companies and businesses to choose from such as Jyske Bank and Hassans Lawyers to name a few. The students also had the opportunity to speak to representatives from the University of Exeter, Royal Holloway and several other universities from around the UK.

A positive response was received from the students, (the free Maltesers and jelly beans that weren’t eaten by Andy helped) with many asking questions about XCM and the job roles within. Some of the older students already showed a keen interest in a career in the industry and were eager to gain experience through internships or work experience.

Rob Blackburn, Gaming Campaign Executive at XCM commented on the day saying:

“It was great to be able to provide these students with advice regarding the industry, giving them an insight into some of the skills and knowledge they would need to seek one of the many careers this industry provides.”

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