ISO accreditationXCM has recently been audited by highly recognised QMS International, resulting in a successful ISO 27001 accreditation for Information Security Management Standards. The audit and certification included the integration of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in enhancing XCM’s Information Security Management System (ISMS).

What is ISMS?

The Information Security Management System provides the policies, processes, and procedures of how data and systems are controlled effectively, managing risks and any potential threats.

What benefits does this provide?

  • Systems & data security for our Clients.
  • Data compliance for our Clients marketing campaigns and reporting analysis
  • Multi-Stakeholder confidence in managing risk.
  • Controlled service for consumer data privacy.


XCM has Data Protection and GDPR regulations at the forefront of importance through continued engagement with Clients, Partners, Regulators, and Staff. 

XCM Managing Director, Graham Ibbetson commented:

“This is a major achievement and testimony to our long-standing and continual investment into systems and data security for our clients”



For more information about ISO, follow this link.

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