Hilton_HackathonTo find new ways to generate engagement and awareness a one-day live hackathon has been held by DMA with the Hilton Honours App.

The hackathon consisted of three teams, with XCM’s very own Guy Swan taking part in the Direct Marketing Association pilot for its customer engagement Labs.

The teams were challenged with an exciting brief from Hilton to create engagement and awareness based around the Hilton honours app.

In the end the winning team comprised of Guy, Colette Alderson from BJL Group, Katie Stotter from Reading Room, Laurence Kraszewski from British Heart Foundation, Mark Spinks from Hilton, Tom Ovens from WorkBrands, and Una Faller-McCauley from Hilton – who each walked away with a £100 Hilton gift voucher.

The reason for the win behind the #HiltonMoments campaign was due to a range of both short and long term strategies, strong creative ideas and clear insight.

Both business and leisure travellers were targeted in the proposed campaign from the team, with nuanced understanding of the alternative customer journeys that they may have. Unique benefits were offered for using the service in a variety of different ways.

Rachel Aldighieri, the managing director at DMA said “The best minds in our industry put excellent customer engagement at the forefront of what they do.

Success lies in the fruitful collaboration between data experts, creative professionals and technology specialists being.”

Customer Engagement Labs in future will develop new ways to solve problems through better customer engagement on more real client briefs.

Guy Swan, member of the winning team at the hackathon said “The day was a great chance to get to feed into a wider project with like minded individuals all from different business backgrounds. The XCM approach of letting the data drive decisions aided a heavily creative team in creating a winning campaign. The day had many takeaways of relevant content which have already been fed back to the wider team and will no doubt feature in upcoming proposals from the XCM team.“

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