Customer engagement is something that you hear a lot about in marketing. But what does this actually mean?

In simple terms, it means any strategy you implement that will attract your target audience, and make them pay attention to what you’re offering.

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, users have increasingly gone mobile, this means the customer engagement battle must be fought in a different way.

Below are three reasons getting on the mobile marketing bandwagon is needed.

It Takes You Where Your Customers Are

More than three hours a day are spend on mobile devices by the average consumer. With a significant portion of that probably being spent consuming content.

Content is very important as it helps to drive whether or not a consumer decides to buy a product or a service.

So making sure that your business is mobile optimised is a necessary task in order to be successful.

Boosts Your Email Marketing

Email marketing has spent a long time being misused, with businesses sending out volumes of emails that users quickly dismiss as spam.

But if they are used correctly, by being targeted, specific and offering something of value, then mobile users love them.

Mostly all mobile users check emails via their phone. It allows them to consume information wherever they are with ease and efficiency.

Therefore, as customers and prospects are consuming emails on the go, your mobile email marketing should take up a significant portion of your marketing strategy, whether you opt for newsletters, actionable video content, or special offers.

Take Advantage of the Mobile Payment Revolution

Payment options such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay and Venmo have eliminated the need for consumers to carry cash or credit cards, which has made them extremely popular with mobile users.

They provide consumers with ease-of-use, speed, and convenience which is why they’re such a big hit, this is exactly what mobile users want.

Because of this, if your business is optimised to accept mobile payments, more customers and prospects will be drawn to it, rather than those that don’t.

The net gain from this is that you’ve enhanced the customer experience by offering them the most convenient and pleasant shopping experience possible for every transaction.

The Now and the Future is Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is not just a trend that will fade out. Mobile use is predicted to keep on growing well into the next decade, meaning mobile marketing will endure.

The freedom that allows users to remain connected to many different applications such as social media, sports, and entertainment whilst on the go is something that your business needs to meet if you don’t want to lose out on these prime marketing opportunities.