Top digital trends 2018Every year digital marketing trends come along which present new opportunities to change the way in which we market to consumers. With 2018 well underway, we have already seen quite a few that have had big effects across many industries.

Below are some of the biggest digital trends that you should be aware of in 2018.

Live Videos

Videos have had a lot of success on social media and other marketing channels over the last couple of years. But in 2018 live videos are the taking over the throne. Live videos are being used by companies to promote events, products, services and much more. With them, marketers can get closer to customers. This can be seen with the sheer amount of comments and views that come with these live feeds in real time.

Voice Search

Searching, connecting and multitasking got made even easier last year with the addition of voice search across smart devices. As consumers get better acquainted with how useful these smart devices can be, voice search will only become more popular. Something that marketers need to consider with voice search is the way in which it uses words more naturally than written content. This means making use of conversational phrases and long-tail keywords is important when using anything voice related.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is not something new to this year, but it can already do much more than many of us can fathom – with this list continuing to grow. In the future marketing apps which make use of machine learning will be able to help us identify customers’ needs and provide us with increasingly precise details on how we can create campaigns to better market to consumers.


Personalisation is nothing new to marketers, it allows them to focus on customers and their experiences, showing they know more than customer names and general demographics. One of the key benefits of knowing this information is it creates brand loyalty between the customer and your brand, meaning they are more likely to come back and spread the word to their friends/family.

Meaningful Content

Creating meaningful content that resonates with customers can sometimes be more effective than paid ads. By involving customers in a story which establishes a relationship with your brand and services, customers are more likely to come back and want to do business with you again.

Customer Trust

Trust is an important element in today’s world, no longer are consumers taken with flashy ads. People like reviews, and more so than ever in 2018. With the GDPR coming into practise earlier this year, there are many more concerns about privacy around data breaches. Letting customers know how their personal data is being used and how well your company is protecting it is key to developing a trusted relationship with them.

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