Email_MarketingIf it’s done right, engagement can be boosted quickly via email marketing. Say you have 50,000 people on your list, these are all potential readers and buyers. If you send an email to each one of these, it needs to be a given that your emarketing is constructed in the right way for it to be as effective as possible. Below are some of the current trends in email marketing.

More Value – A lot of topics in your emails may already be covered by others. So, to stand out it’s important to try and add as much value into emails as possible, due to the competitive nature of email marketing.

Smaller Frequency – Too many emails can make people feel overwhelmed, which leads them to unsubscribing from mailings. One email per week with an emphasis on relevance and personalised content will lead to better responses than several ‘broad-brush’ emails.  

Responsive – More and more of us are interacting with our emails through mobile, so it’s important to make sure that emails are always responsive. Almost every email marketing service provider has now tweaked their interface so mailings will be automatically formatted for mobile phones.

Interactive Emails – Engagement can be increased quickly with email marketing. The days of the subscriber having to access your website to fill out an offer or competition are almost gone. This can now be embedded into the email itself so the subscriber can engage right away. Which in turn increases conversions due to people needing to do less work to get more value.

Creative pop-up Windows – Opt-in forms are much more creative now, allowing you to time how long it will take before the form pops up, and how many times someone will see it within a day, week, and month. This allows you to test different variations of how and when to send them, therefore increasing your conversions.

Being mindful of these trends in your email marketing strategy will almost certainly lead to an increase in conversion rates.

Jonathan Miles, XCM’s Director of Multi Channel stated ‘Our number one directive to all our clients is to make sure that your emarketing messages are relevant to your subscribers.  Irrelevance is without doubt the number one reason for unsubscribing from email lists. Add to this a Mobile First approach, slick creative and pin-point frequency and targeting and you will be well on the way to achieving emarketing success.’

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