SEO_TipsSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of using best practise techniques to enhance your website, making sure that your pages rank well on search results, and overall more traffic is driven to your site. Below are a few SEO tips on how to improve your online presence.


Identifying your keywords is an important first step in starting your SEO strategy. Keywords are words or phrases that best describe your business and are what people will likely type into search engines to find you online.

If you struggle to come up with ideas for keywords, think about what your business does, its main objectives and goals. You can also look at competitor sites to try and gather ideas for keywords.

For the best results your keyword strategy should contain a mixture of different phrases and keywords such as:

  • One-word phrases – Often the most difficult to rank competitively for, as they are used so often. Examples of some of these words include – administrator, office and computer.
  • Two to three-word phrases – While easier to rank than one-word phrases, the competition from other websites means the likelihood of converting users into customers remains low.
  • Long tail keywords – These create the most amount of conversions due to being such detailed descriptive phrases which other businesses will not necessarily possess.



Websites with low quality, thin or duplicate content have been subject to penalties since the Panda update was launched by Google back in 2011. Because of this the content featured on your site should aim to be engaging, relevant, informative and contain keywords. Keywords that describe the content of the page should also be included in the heading structure of your site.

Title Tag

Title tags are an important factor in the ranking of your site, they appear on search engine results as the headline above the description of the result. Not only that but title tags are crawled by search engines to find information about what the site is about so making sure your keywords are utilised and a clear description of your business is included into the title tag is extremely worthwhile.


Backlinking is the name given when one website links through to another. This process is seen as a method of trust for the page that the user is being directed to. This is good news, as one of Google’s top priority’s is to promote sites that are trustworthy and relevant so making sure to include backlinking on your website will pay off.

Meta Descriptions

These appear below the title tag on the search results page and provide a short summary of the content featured on your web page. Meta descriptions are not normally crawled by search engines for information about the page, but they are still a useful tool for driving traffic to your site by allowing people to see the subject of your page – enticing them in.