Digital_StrategiesAs more and more companies make an entry into the digital fray it is predicted that cyber space will keep on growing. With the huge amount of data prevalent on the Internet, some believe that a total makeover may be required so search engines and users can deal with it better. The online marketing industry is large and complex, the sooner a Web user is hooked up correctly, then the sooner you’ll stay ahead of the competition and your appeal to them will increase. Below are some of the most notable digital marketing strategies of 2017 so far.

Mobile to Rule Over Desktop – It was evident from the moment that Google eliminated all websites that weren’t mobile-optimized that mobile taken the crown from desktop. With desktop traffic fading, hand-held devices have recorded an ubiquitous presence. It is clear that strictly mobile-focused internet marketing is the key to a larger volume of sales. From this, mobile search and optimisation should be a top priority for digital marketers.

Dedicated Apps – Apps may not have replaced websites yet but their potential is being felt. In the future Google’s app indexing will lead to the evolution of a dedicated app. 2017 will be a pivotal year for in app developments for mobile.

Video Ads will Dominate – The concept of online advertising is soon to change, with the likes of Facebook and YouTube who are constantly featuring video ads to be challenged by Google’s in-SERP video advertising. With users reportedly accepting and viewing ads more regularly this will give birth to various types and categories of video ads. With more competition, prices for the top ad spot and digital advertising will increase considerably. Some Marketers because of this believe that eventually PPC will die out eventually and more optimised alternatives for advertising will rule the web.

Unique, High-Quality Content is Key – The king of digital marketing has always been content. With the heavy influx of video producers and professional writers out there keeping things competitive, content will retain its stranglehold on all marketing campaigns online in the future.

Social Conversion – Providing opportunities for improving conversion rates will change from the usual method of online communities gathering new prospects or company-consumer conversions. This change has already been seen in ecommerce and lead generating websites. With new conversion channels becoming operational while offering to convert prospects into buyers directly, social media’s scope of work is expected to change.

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