The_CloudThere are so many network options for enterprises in meeting the demands of the consumer, but what is the best option and what do we need to consider? The formula is a complicated one for sure as it needs to cover a lot of variables.

So how much is it worth to consumer-centric companies to have systems & trading in place at all times? I hear the calls, ££ Millions, ££ Billions, but is that the comparative thought process anymore in avoiding the disaster?

Cloud based computing is not new, but has it ever been more important?

When the idea of cloud computing first hit the news, it was conceived as some bad idea, the devil that should not be trusted, like never using your credit card on-line or always hosting all your own infrastructure. But today the formula for consideration is far greater than a protective mind-set of ownership through blinkered internal controls

System, capacity, performance, and security are all major factors for consideration as well as the costs to serve. However, resilience is the primary consideration in meeting service obligations to consumers or the clients we serve.

The Cloud is always live, available and resilient, with many levels of disaster recovery (DR) from the single application layer to the whole architecture. High availability, ‘pay as you go’ models play a huge part of the service and growth needs of any enterprise. And it is only getting more demanding, increasing exponentially by the second.

High availability computing options meet the timescales and demands of our Customers with real time data transfer and data transformation so crucial to service and indeed compliance. Thus, hitting in parallel, service levels at a competitive cost versus more traditional solutions. Whilst the Cloud can be seen as ‘Nirvana’, clearly, the solution needs consideration of all system environments such as live databases, trading applications & development. Therefore, the utilisation of Data Centres and local environments with the Cloud provides the best service and commercial solution.

In response to some scare mongering reports regarding Cloud failures and outages at Amazon Web Service recently, we are in this whether we like it or not. All enterprises require ‘on demand’ capacity, all require high performance and all require a highly resilient architecture

So, in conclusion, losing the capital expenditure for new equipment, losing the secondary Data Centre, losing the redundant Servers for most of the day, losing the maintenance costs and losing the past mind-set.

I guess that would not be too much of a disaster, would it?

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