Snapchat_Further_AnalyseOnline photo ‘chatting’ vendor Snapchat has joined forces with Oracle’s Data Cloud to enable the next level of marketing analysis.

Although mainly an adolescent and twenties appealing app, the 2 billion global users can have their purchase habits analysed by connecting their pre-sales ‘chats’ with their subsequent physical purchases.

Prompted by transactional data, links are made to the consumer’s social conversations to determine if and how effective Snapchat advertising campaigns are retrospectively, leading to faster revisions and tweaking to leverage more powerful campaigns.

Oracle’s machine learning systems are able to identify objects from digital images and more recently in digital video streams. By then connecting with transactions made by the consumer, direct feedback of effectiveness can be accurately measured.

As our mobiles increase in power and connectivity, they are also capable of reducing in size, influenced only by our input and output interfaces, it can only be a matter of time before systems can identify everything you look at or discuss, and dynamically offer personalised and measurable shopping experiences.

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