Power_BIMicrosoft has announced updates to its Power BI system which includes enhancements to the Reporting outputs, Analytics, Connectivity, and Query editing.

The report layouts can now be customised with the use of a Theme file which can specify a list of ‘corporate’ branded colours to use throughout the reports and the default foreground, as well as the background and accent colours. The theme, once uploaded, is selected from the Switch Theme Button.

A new Matrix Visual, allows for drilling down into hierarchies, adjustable stepped layouts and cross highlighting and filtering which operates similarly to the existing charts layouts.

Other enhancements include text font colours, numeric range slicer, the inclusion of values on some charts and multiple series cross-highlighting.

Although previewed back in November, Clustering has now been incorporated into the scatter charts and table’s More Options menu.

Connectors have been added for the Azure Analysis Services and Azure Data Lake stores.

The Combine Binaries feature has been enhanced and is now able to specify the specific sample file of objects and transformation steps, instead of just the first file found in the folder.

The split column by delimiter now automatically detects and populates the appropriate value, which can be changed if needed, but certainly a time-saving improvement.

Hellena Crompton, XCM’s Director of Client Development said “After reviewing the market for a data visualisation tool, we selected Power BI for use across our clients. We needed something that would centre information and insight into our clients’ businesses by becoming part of everyday conversations and decisions. 

Hellena added “PowerBi has enabled us to deliver that, and the continuous developments from Microsoft only reinforces our decision. “

Overall, this is seen to be another worthwhile enhancement to Microsoft’s Power BI system, adding even more features and speed enhancements to improve the production of insightful reporting.

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