Customer Loyalty Digital AgeAchieving customer loyalty and winning over customers hearts and minds is not an impossible task for brands if they approach it in the right way.

Brands see depreciating returns on traditional marketing efforts year on year, and the struggle of balancing the need to maximise return and build more customer value is something that marketers feel on a daily basis. One of the biggest culprits contributing to this struggle is digitalisation.

Digitalisation has had a profound impact on consumers expectations, resulting in the exponential growth of the volume of data – which is now beyond what organisations and systems that support them can deal with.

There are now many digital channels available that companies can use to connect with customers. These channels provide an unprecedented amount of opportunities to leverage the data they collect, enabling them to engage and grow their business.

Below are some of the main things to focus on when building customer loyalty in the digital age.

A Customer-first Mindset

Using data from multiple sources, which cover attributes such as demographic, transactional, social, advertising, etc, will allow a valuable picture of a consumer to be built up. An example of this can be seen with programmatic data which provides a much broader view of the consumer – beyond what organisations normally see.

It’s easy for brands to worry about the reliability of data sources, as perhaps some matches are made via fuzzy matching or predictive, but there is nothing wrong with that – as knowing more about a small group of customers delivers better models, allowing these learnings to be confidently tested against bigger groups in future.

Customer Experience

The key to building loyalty in the digital age is evolving customer expectations. Using the data that you have on them, you can begin to understand their behaviours while shopping online and in-store as well as their location, both physically and digitally.

Once you understand this you can position your brand nicely with your desired audience, building the customer experience around information such as what motivates them and what they care about.

Speed, Scale, and Consistency

It’s a good idea to remember that while unlocking value and building loyalty is important, the ability to recognise quickly, change and scale experiences is equally as important. To guarantee success, ensure that any changes are considered across all business sectors and the many end-to-end customer journeys.

With new automation tools and cloud applications available, businesses now have the flexibility to update quickly with ease and simplify thousands of journeys consistently.

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