Augmented Reality and Customer EngagementDue to digital devices available today such as tablets and smartphones, consumers are now much more tech savvy. When they buy an item, they want as much information about it as possible, combined with the ability to be able to check what they’re getting. So, in order to really get a hold of modern customers, brands are investing in technological solutions and digital platforms such as augmented reality (AR). Below are some of the ways in which AR can help brands with customer engagement.

Assist in a Customer’s Decision Journey

It’s often difficult to tell how products will look in your own home from seeing them online or in brick and mortar stores, but this is where AR can come in to help.

By using an AR app, customers can check to see how their future kitchen/bedroom will look, what the shirt they are interested in will look like in a different colour, how a certain product will look in their home and much more.

By being able to do this, customer interest increases which then leads to more sales. It also makes the purchasing decision much easier for the customer which can completely reduce total purchase time.

Educating Customers

Giving your customers more information about products plays a vital role in the customer decision journey.

Traditionally educating customers about your brand can be a difficult task, but with augmented reality, this becomes a lot easier. By using an AR app customers won’t actually have to visit brick and mortar stores or online stores to be able to get a lot more detailed information about a product. The technology allows for users to interact with digital products over to the top of the real world.

Taking advantage of this tech allows for marketers to improve the customer experience greatly.

Personalised Offers

With AR, shopping will become more interactive and exciting. Marketers will be able to take advantage of the customer data that AR apps produce to offer personalised discounts instead of just generic ones. Personalised experiences make the customer feel important, and as they spend more time in the store, more data about them can be built up allowing these offers to become even more personalised.

A recent survey has found that 71% of buyers would love to shop at a retailer that uses AR, with another 61% saying that they prefer to shop at stores with AR over those that don’t have it.

AR is a game-changing technology in the retail industry, by making use of it companies can create new ways of engaging with customers and improving the customer experience.

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