Increasingly, groups of people gather around their smart TVs to view popular media, from streamed programs and series to holiday and gift shopping. This change in habit will create a whole new data scenario.

Analysts have been using embedded apps to store and analyse our searching, viewing, and purchasing habits to identify trends by using analytics to predict future actions. We have been tracked on our laptops, tablets, and mobiles, so brands have an enormous amount of data on individuals to pour into the pot.

From this data, we see personalised side bar adverts, designed to tempt and guide us to our next purchase. On personal devices, this is sometimes useful but quite often annoying, especially if we are trying to buy surprise gifts for our loved ones.

Hi-definition, large screen TVs now offer high-quality surfing and viewing, as a group, from the comfort of the armchair or sofa, the shared device is now a reality, generating personalised data for groups rather than individuals.

Analysts and coders are going to have to create and work with a new category of data with new rules and insights, and hence a different approach will be needed.

The vendors of connected TV devices now hold the bulk of this data, in that it is their apps that give access to the web activity giving them direct access to the entire family’s viewing habits.

This is extremely useful to the media programmers as they gain instant popularity data for future programming, but it also has high commercial value for third party marketing.

Imagine how being able to create a full profile of a household, to be able to identify the home location, habits and interests of the entire group and to be able to personalise insurance, holidays, birthday experiences and a myriad of other products and services.

Director Luke Ibbetson said today ‘The ways in which data can be captured, stored and analysed is constantly evolving. The more useful data you have on an individual, household or segment will allow marketers and business owners to make smarter decisions in terms of what, when and where to invest to maximize ROI.’

Luke went on to add ‘At XCM we encourage our clients to listen to their consumers and have a conversation based on what the consumer is telling them rather than what you want to say to the consumer. XCM’s single customer view offering is sophisticated enough to take in these kinds of data feeds to widen that conversation and listen to more touch points of the customer journey

We can expect to see products and services offered not only to the group but also recommendations to the individuals within the group via social media for gifts for other group members. It is all in the hands of the skillful analysts and data engineers.

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