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YR_SmallXCM at the Asda Foundation ‘Run For All’ 10k

On Sunday 5th August, the York 10k Charity ‘Run for All’ took place. Over 6,000 people from all over the Yorkshire region took part in the run through the historic City of York, as well as some of our own team.

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 142 07:08:18


Top digital trends 2018

Issue 142: 0107:08:18

The Top Digital Trends of 2018 So Far

Predictive analytics and marketing

Issue 142: 0207:08:18

Predictive Analytics: How They Can Improve Marketing Campaigns

Gamification marketing

Issue 142: 0307:08:18

Why You Should Be Investing in Gamification as a Marketing Tool

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 141 17:07:18


Internet of things ready

Issue 141: 0117:07:18

Are we Ready for the Internet of Things?

Mobile first marketing

Issue 141: 0217:07:18

Marketing in a Mobile-First World

Social media engagement

Issue 141: 0317:07:18

Social Media Marketing: How to Improve Engagement

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 140 03:07:18


GDPR marketers

Issue 140: 0103:07:18

GDPR: The Best Thing to Happen to Marketers?

Retail data science

Issue 140: 0203:07:18

How Retail will Reap the Biggest Rewards from Data Science

Location data marketers

Issue 140: 0303:07:18

How Location Data is Opening New Doors for Marketers

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 139 15:06:18


Future of Brick and Mortar

Issue 139: 0115:06:18

How the Future of Brick and Mortar Depends on Digital

Data-Driven Future

Issue 139: 0215:06:18

Predictions for a Data-Driven Future

Influencer Marketing Ideas

Issue 139: 0315:06:18

Three Things to Consider When it Comes to Influencer Marketing

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 138 17:05:18


Email marketing conversion funnels

Issue 138: 0117:05:18

Using Email Marketing to Turn More Subscribers into Customers

Challenges marketers face

Issue 138: 0217:05:18

Challenges Marketers Face from Data

Ensure GDPR compliance

Issue 138: 0317:05:18

Things to do Now to Ensure GDPR Compliance

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 137 07:05:18


Facebook Data Debacle

Issue 137: 0107:05:18

Will the Facebook Data Debacle Change Internet Behaviour?

Omnichannel Experience

Issue 137: 0207:05:18

What the Omnichannel Experience Really Means

Andrew Masters Data Compliance

Issue 137: 0311:05:18

Andrew Masters: Using Data to Ensure Compliance

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 136 23:04:18


XCM Sotogrande School

Issue 136: 0123:04:18

XCM at the Sotogrande International School Careers Convention

CRM software market

Issue 136: 0223:04:18

CRM Now the Largest Software Market

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 135 16:04:18


Customer Loyalty Digital Age

Issue 135: 0116:04:18

How to Build Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age

Understanding Customers with Predictive Analytics

Issue 135: 0216:04:18

Understanding Customers Better with Predictive Analytics


Issue 135: 0319:04:18

Andy Masters on How iGaming Operators Can Make the Most of GDPR

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 134 05:04:18


Data Power

Issue 134: 0105:04:18

XCM’s Andrew Masters: The Power of Data

NCS Integration

Issue 134: 0205:04:18

How NCS Helps with the Integration of Young People

Reshaping retail

Issue 134: 0305:04:18

How Young Shoppers Are Reshaping Retail

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 133 23:03:18



Issue 133: 0123:03:18

XCM Tackle the London Marathon for CHUF


Issue 133: 0223:03:18

Edge Computing is the Buzzword of the 2018


Issue 133: 0323:03:18

3 Steps to Providing Customers with a Personalised Mobile Retail Experience

2016-11-16 (1)

Issue 132 09:03:18


SEO Trends 2018

Issue 132: 0109:03:18

SEO Trends to Watch Out for This Year

GDPR Ready

Issue 132: 0209:03:18

Is Your Company Ready for the GDPR?

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Issue 132: 0309:03:18

How Autonomous Cars Will Benefit Marketing



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