Social media engagementEngaging users via social media marketing is no easy task. Posting may seem like it is enough, but that is not the case. It requires strategy and a lot of thought to come up with ways to keep your current audience captivated while at the same time attracting new users to your page.

Although building a loyal following on social media isn’t the easiest of things to do, this doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated. Below are some of the best ways to increase engagement via social media.

Regular Posts

Figuring out what content engages your audience is very important. Studying competitors and other people in their space is a crucial element to increasing engagement. Once you have this information, you can begin to create and post out relevant content.

Content curation is one of the best strategies. There is a huge number of great content that gets posted on social media platforms daily, and because of this, there is no real need to try to build an audience solely from original content. Look for the trends that are currently grabbing people’s attention and build on them. Many popular pages have followed this strategy and have used curated content to build an audience of millions.

Creating a conversation is another brilliant way of connecting with people on your page. This doesn’t mean just responding to comments with general rehearsed responses. To really increase engagement, you need to be engaging yourself. This could mean anything from rewarding your most engaged followers to calling them out in one of your posts.


Brand awareness and content strategy are both important factors for building engagement, but both of these mean nothing if you don’t have an online personality. All the best social media pages have a personality that people want to listen to and follow.

To work out what to post, think about what you can post that will get people talking, and what you can say that people will really be able to relate to.

This is something that may take time to get right initially but by experimenting with different posts will enable you to find out which posts resonate with your audience the most.

Being Timely

Getting involved with trending topics, such as events in the news is another excellent way of increasing engagement. The most successful accounts know it’s a lot easier to insert yourself into a massive conversation rather than starting one from scratch. Creating content that is relevant to something going on in the world while resonating well with audiences is one of the best ways to tap into traffic.

The timing of your posts going out is also a great way to increase engagement and social media growth. Different sources will have certain times that they get the best results from, but it’s completely dependent on who your audience is. For example, if your target audience is teenagers, engaging with them after school hours will likely bring in the best results due to schools being strict with phones during teaching hours.

Getting timing right is a case of trial and error. To find which time works the best for your brand, try posting at different times of the day and measure the engagement you receive. Patterns should begin to emerge which you can then use to inform your posting times.

Be Bold and Visual

There are so many brands and pages across the web now that after a while they all start to merge into one. To make sure that your page gets noticed, it needs to stand out from the crowd, separating itself from everything that everyone else is doing.

Being visual with each post is another sure-fire way to attract people to your social pages, if your posts look good, then your whole page will also look good, meaning more people are likely to give it their attention.

Certain posts will achieve more engagement than others. Running an ad campaign behind these posts can allow for new audiences to see what your brand is about and really attract in a new number of people following your page.

From this, you can then fine-tune and use the data to inform your own content creation or curation process. For example, if videos get the most engagement, share more of these. If it’s memes, share more of these. Let the data inform you, so you can do more of what is already working.

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