Social_Media_MarketingWhen it comes to gaining new customers and increasing brand engagement, social media has become a highly effective tool in which to do so. It is now an essential part of building a digital communication strategy. For this reason, having customer service across social media outlets can be extremely important for your brand.

Social media allows for people to really connect with your brand, and is a key element to the development of customer loyalty and retention. People like to be aware of businesses, and with social media they can do this with ease by following and engaging with them online.

People are now also using social media to find reviews, look up recommendations and browse groups when they’re looking for relevant information on certain products. This is excellent news for businesses, as it means loyal customers are more than likely to come back to your page and share the information found across their social network of followers and friends – increasing reach.

Despite social media being a great help for your business it can also be the opposite too. If someone is not satisfied with an experience they’ve had they can air this onto your social media page for all the online world to see. If there are too many of these bad reviews from people, new customers can be put off altogether from engaging with your brand. So, making sure to get your social media strategy right definitely pays off.

For those that have left bad reviews, it’s important to thank them for their feedback and offer them a resolution. Even if they come back to you with more negativity try to show them a different experience that will make them feel good about your business.

The internet allows people to remain anonymous if they choose to be this way, but as a brand on social media this is not an option. Customers expect a response to any questions or queries they have, not only this but they expect this response to be within a realistic time-period and have a personal touch to it.

Having an active presence on social media that represents your business accurately while also showing personality is essential to success. Encouraging customers to interact with your brand by inviting them to like and share content, or leave reviews will result in you engaging with a wider community that can see what your business is about. People like it when brands have a personality so trying to find your brand’s voice can only be of benefit to your business.

Starbucks is an example of a brand that has learnt how to engage well with their customers. For example, when a user posts, or tag a friend in a post about a certain drink they’ve had, Starbucks uses social conversation to respond to them, inviting them to come in to a store and have some coffee.

This kind of personalisation with customers obviously gains likes for your business which is excellent for your reach, but it also, more importantly, leads to real website conversion and brand loyalty which is why social media marketing is so essential for your brand.

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