Retail_MarketersWe all have wants and needs which are mainly fueled by the efforts of professional marketers across countless media channels, but, in an ideal world, what would these expert marketers themselves ask for?

Not surprisingly, the primary need is an unlimited budget. Not only because with it anything could be obtained, but more that budget constraints hold back the width and breadth of the targeted market, which could lead to vastly increased success. The additional budgets could also be used to fund the anticipated increase in social media marketing.

Secondly, the need to remove any pinch-points on the route to conversion is high on the priority list. The strategy now is for pushing potential customers towards the brand instead of its physical bricks and mortar stores. This is increasingly through the use of smartphones. Mobile payments must be streamlined to remove distractions during checkout, such as the inclusion of Apple Pay so that the overall checkout completion rate can be brought in line with other devices.

Having successfully attracted and converted customers, the next most important need is for the increased resources to ensure the retention of those customers. Constantly reacting to customers’ needs and behaviour enables a client-centric approach and ultimately brand loyalty.

Effective predictive modelling applied via a single customer view, will enable the retailer to predict why, where, when, and how to personalise the shopping experience for any point the customer chooses to engage with the brand.

Finally, as technology advances, voice controlled devices like Amazon’s echo are introducing consumers to voice as an interactive interface. Of course, this system will need to be seamlessly incorporated into the ERP system to avoid subsequent unexpected ‘out of stock’ messaging.

Each of these desires is technically attainable today, (once the funds are made available) but once delivered, what will be the next five essentials to be wished for?

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