Door_DropsDoor Drops, when carried out correctly, are an extremely precise way of tangibly communicating to geographical markets however large or small, and as finely tuned as necessary. If you need a hard-hitting message and Call to Action delivered directly into the homes of a specific audience, it beats blanket newspaper inserts every time. Uniquely, it is also the only medium that allows creative marketing that can appeal to all senses.

The key factors influencing the success of a Door Drop campaign are the accuracy of the source data and the skills of the analysts that manipulate and extrapolate that data for you. The more refined the data, the more targeted it becomes, reducing wasted or ineffective deliveries. Tuning this delivery volume allows for increased investment in more impactful messages, which in turn can lead to increased ROI and increased positive product or brand awareness. A recent survey indicated the average time Door Drops were kept in a household during 2015 was 38 days, adding to the justification of focussing on your target audience with a relevant, personalised and seemingly valuable media.

But this is a job for the professionals, you must ensure the recipients of your efforts are likely to react positively to your message and Call to Action or at least be happy to receive it.

By using ethically sourced, validated and cleansed data enables confidence in the profiling, segmentation, and propensity modelling which our analysts apply to create the database for further customising or staged delivery as your campaign dictates.

By managing this data correctly, analysing responses and successful Calls to Action can lead to this cleaned and refined data being subsequently included in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, facilitating further customer acquisition, retention, reactivation, and effective retargeting, using the more technically based marketing techniques.

So, if your message can be best delivered within an eye-catching physical package, or as part of a campaign that requires product “touch & feel” this is a medium you should seriously still consider to gain better ROI.

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