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Looking for a career path despite your age, origin or present skill-set? XCM have positive options for you, supporting your potential with many exciting projects in different locations, in specific business functions attracting a wide and varied set of skills to meet your stage in life:

  • Student                Intern work experience for your ‘year out’
  • Graduate              XCM either returning or new appointments
  • Advocate             Quality staff working in XCM
  • Professional       Quality XCM services working in the client environment
  • Associate            Contract, specific short, medium and long term Projects
  • Client                   XCM sponsored support for client direct FTE’s



XCM embrace a ‘virtual resources network’ no matter what location you live in, expanding our skills and capabilities in a global economy. Therefore options on working flexibility is real, supported by a comprehensive induction and training program. XCM encourage positive communications with an open door policy, every idea is a good idea. Staff use their expertise on either internal or client projects and initiatives, both are equal in terms of importance. Quality and SMART Objectives are at the heart of mutual agreement to create a positive environment and support progress. Only then will you be an XCM Advocate of choice.


Student & Graduate

XCM are working with universities and colleges to offer Intern’s and Graduates a real world experience in a supportive environment to align and enhance your academic studies, whilst also starting your journey to a full time career.

If you have the desire and you really want to succeed then you don’t always need all the qualifications, talk to us…

See Hannah's Testimonial

I first started working at XCM in 2013 as part of my University sandwich year. In comparison to friends I spoke to, who were also on placements, XCM offered hands-on involvement and responsibility from day one; this was invaluable and provided both practical skills and a more mature mindset for my final year at University. When I finished my degree, I re-joined the business and have had the chance to work in several different areas including; Marketing, HR and Business Administration.

Both as an intern and graduate, there is a focus on progression and developing your skills to make you a more rounded individual, whether you plan to stay at XCM or move on. I’ve found that hard work and willingness to learn is always recognised and appreciated. There’s a great dynamic within the office and a supportive environment where new ideas from anyone, at any level, are always welcomed.

Hannah Loudon – Business Support Executive & Planning

See Vacancies; Contact Gemma Palmer



XCM ‘champion’ our people, inspiring them to be the best they can, aligned to their own personal development. You will not only enhance your chosen field of work, you will also gain knowledge across all of XCM’s services such as; Direct Marketing, CRM, Analytics, Data & Systems Integration, plus Client Service. Advocates are talented individuals but great team players at all levels. Our goal is that as Advocates you will see a bright future with real scope for advancement, endorsing XCM as the Employer of choice.

See Natalie's Testimonial

As an Advocate, over the last three years I’ve seen XCM develop positively with an unswerving ambition to be the best.

XCM are determined to deliver an unparalleled level of service, with fantastic client relationships and a team that can face almost any challenge with a ‘can do’ attitude. It’s our ‘bread and butter’ so to speak!

Clients are at the heart of everything we do, exploring all opportunities to drive better performance.

It’s also a great company to develop new skills, whilst fine tuning those you bring with you. I’m still learning but I’m also developing skills to guide and manage others…again, another great opportunity by working at XCM.

Natalie Poleon – Head of Client Management & Planning

See Vacancies; Contact Gemma Palmer



XCM know our clients industry, objectives and expectations, so if required may provide specific professional expertise in the client working environment, whist still being an employee of XCM.

This provides flexibility to meet our Client’s needs for a specific period, whilst providing the longer term security of XCM employment. The professional service expertise may be provided globally by existing Advocate’s or specialist resources if available.

Please contact Luke Ibbetson or Andy Masters



XCM may employ ‘Contractors’ for specific professional skill-sets for a period of time, as there are many projects and initiatives to be undertaken in many locations.

XCM are an industry leading data, marketing, database & analytics business working with renowned companies in the UK who trade across Europe and the rest of the world. As an Associate of XCM you are part of a substantial network of professionals, which provides quality services to XCM & our Clients.

See Vacancies; Contact Gemma Palmer



XCM will support our Clients to secure full time employee’s by utilizing a wide network of contacts, associates and partners in many sectors.

Please contact Luke Ibbetson or Andy Masters





Here at XCM, we have many different types of vacancies available. To find out more, please follow the link below.


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