Mobile_MarketingSmartphones have become ubiquitous amongst most consumers but despite this many marketers have not yet found a way to capitalise on this.

Investments in mobile marketing has been deterred due to marketers not being able to distinguish the hype from the hope.

From product research, to shopping and ordering, to feedback and recommendation to peers – Mobile marketing can be integrated into every stage of the purchase funnel.

Advertising on Mobile – By carefully increasing the advertising budget on mobile, the overall ROI could be increased.

Mobile-optimised Search Marketing – It is reported from many marketers that half their paid and organic search volumes come from mobile devices. The most beneficial being search programs that incorporate local-based information.

Mobile-optimised Websites – Half or more marketers company visits come from mobile devices. With the advances in responsive design, the trend now seems to be to develop a ‘mobile-first’ website that dynamically delivers to the customer’s screen type.

Mobile-messaging – Marketers are now taking advantage of the fact that smartphones are always in reach, and using text, messenger, and in-app messaging to communicate with their customers. Albeit carefully, as too much can seem like an unwelcome intrusion.

Email Optimisation – Regular emails are read by half of marketers on mobile devices so making sure that emails are configured for them is a necessity.

Social Sharing – Promoting hash tags and integrating photo opportunities into your offering is a great strategy, as consumers love to share positive experiences on social sites.

Cross-device identity management – Multiple devices are used by consumers and business customers, so knowing who the user is in each interaction to create a seamless user experience regardless of the device is important.

Mobile apps – Focus is now being applied to more functional apps, designed to engage with recurring customers. Transactional systems such as reservations, and flight bookings have now been invested in to tie together with apps.

Making use of these tips will enable you to make the right decisions in Mobile Marketing.

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