Mobile_ShoppingThis year’s data from Black Friday saw the day hit new highs with the whole of Europe seeing a 391% uplift in sales compared to an average Friday in November. The day also showed just how popular shopping online via smartphone has become. More than a third of sales were made on mobile with 15% made via tablet, and 49% attributed to desktop. It marks the first time mobile has generated over half of all online orders.

For brands that have been proactive in developing multichannel mobile engagement strategies to connect the experience shoppers enjoy on their desktops together with their mobile and tablet devices, this is excellent news.

Rob Jones, Ve Global’s planning and strategic director believes that this shift in mobile behaviour is mainly down to the retail industry, “The best retailers have evolved beyond ensuring their sites are mobile-optimised to ensuring their strategies are mobile-first. Simpler and more intuitive mobile experiences are helping shoppers to make purchases with ease and confidence.”

With this data on mobile shopping habits, brick-and-mortar retailers are finally able to understand that their customers want a seamless shopping experience whether it be in-store, online or on mobile. It also shows how customers want to be able to buy on the run, and by having streamlined mobile experience they can do this with ease.

Part of the reason for this huge increase in online mobile sales can be put down to how the mobile experience is getting much smoother and people are getting a lot more comfortable with it. Customers are now more likely to buy straight from their mobile rather than taking the traditional approach of using desktop to complete the final steps when making a purchase. Tamara Gaffney, Senior Director of Adobe Digital Insights commented “first consumers got used to making online purchases, then they switched to mobile, and they liked it.”

Smartphones technology is far more advanced compared to where it was a couple of years ago, users are able to do many more things, such as store credit card information or unlock the device with their fingerprint. This again relates back to the ease of use, in this age of high speed internet and digital innovations people want things quickly and mobile allows them to do this.

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