Mobile_MarketingNot reaching out to customers via mobile means you’re missing out on a mountain of money.

Millennials check their phones approximately 150 times a day, with the average person spending upto five hours a day on his or her smartphone. It is clear to see from this that mobiles are the king of media. It is reported that by 2019, 72 percent of all digital advertising in the U.S. will be represented by mobile. The time to be smart with your mobile marketing is now.

Below are five mobile marketing practises that companies should be adopting.

  1. Location-based marketing – When customers pass by a strategic located store, they are sent notifications and promotions where a brands services or products might be useful to them. An example of this is with Foursquare Analytics, recently released by Foursquare, this gives location intelligence and technology to marketers and client businesses for more than 90 million geofenced locations around the world. Uber has recently been incorporated into this, allowing users to discover places to go and get there all in the same app.
  2. In-app marketing – The competition between app stores is intense, with Google Play currently offering 2.8 million apps, and Apple on 2.2 million. To risk being ditched, apps must offer the most personalised service possible. In-app marketing fuels engagement and relevance, which in turn drives loyalty, retention and lifetime value. An example of this is the challenge India’s “demonetization plan” faced back in 2016. Digital pay surged up to 80-fold during this time as over 14 million Indians downloaded the bank’s new apps. To manage this deluge of new app users, the bank turned to in-app marketing platform Insert. This platform allows marketers to create and publish targeted campaigns quickly, independent of development resources.
  3. SMS Marketing – With 91 percent of millennials text messaging weekly, using SMS is a highly effective platform for marketing. Corporations such as Coca-Cola, and Toys ‘R’ Us have taken advantage of this already and have integrated text messaging into their mobile-marketing strategies. Domino’s pizza used a short marketing messaging service EZtexting for one of its campaigns targeted at college sports games. They displayed a certain number during an ad for viewers to text to receive an offer. This resulted in huge responses compared with previous campaigns where they displayed just the web address.
  4. Mobile marketing measurement – Billions of dollars have been spent on trying to reach customers on their mobile devices, with Mobile ad revenue recently surpassing the amount spent on desktop ad revenue. A scientific approach has now become necessary for mobile marketing. An example of a company taking this approach is AppsFlyer, they help marketers to pinpoint their targeting, optimise their ad spend and boost their ROI. Games Circus, creators of the smash hit mobile video game Coin Dozer were having difficulty determining if the quality of users generated by certain ad channels were improving or declining over time. They began using AppsFlyer and to link attribution datato the engagement and LTV metrics it was monitoring at the game or campaign level. This resulted in Coin Dozer achieving a 40 percent increase in gross profit and a 2.3-times increase in total installs.
  5. QR Codes – These digital barcodes act as shortcuts to providing relevant and valuable information to mobile users. QR Codes are very versatile and can work as many different functions, from Facebook likes to offer coupons and much more. The advertising agency BBDO came up with a brilliant QR campaign for Guinness. When customers poured a Guinness (had to be Guinness) into a special glass, the beer’s black color filled out a code on the glass that was scannable with a smartphone. Once scanned, customers could tweet about their pints, check in via Foursquare, update their Facebook status, download coupons and promotions and invite friends to join them. The QR code could even launch exclusive Guinness content.

These mobile marketing practises offer your company the ability to grow, increase exposure and attract and retain clients in ways that are timely, relevant and appeal to their interest in digital media.

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