“More meaningful and profitable conversations with ‘more’ customers by watching what they do and listening to what they say…”

Monetised opportunities through actionable insight.

System Integration

  • Agnostic CRM Technology Stack
  • Seamless ESP Integrations
  • Maximised Retail Legacy Platforms
  • XCM Horizon Data Warehouse

CRM Lifecycle

  • CRM Retail Maturity Auditing
  • Dynamic 1:1 Retail Journeys
  • Campaign Automation & Management
  • Customer Centric Marketing Strategies
  • Web Tagging & Personalisation


  • Multi Channel Shopping Behaviour Insight
  • Advanced Modelling & Segmentation
  • Retail Attribution & Campaign ROI
  • Customer Lifetime Value & CPA
  • Rich Online/Offline Customer Profiles

Reporting Suite

  • Powerful Business Intelligence Suite
  • Multi Channel Campaign Reporting
  • Campaign Tracking & Response Management
  • Retail Industry Benchmarking


“Delivering multi-platform integration, creating vertical insight & CRM strategies with pace”

The XCM i-Gaming Team are dedicated industry experts, responsive commercially to improve your customer profitability. We mobilise the entire player lifecycle, through business intelligence within operating platforms, product vertical markets & CRM to accelerate sustainable growth.

XCM i-Gaming, a responsible bet, the smartest bet you will ever make!

System Integration

  • CRM – Adobe, Salesforce, IBM, Optimove
  • i-Gaming Software Platforms – Playtech, Virtual Fusion
  • Email Platform – Agnostic
  • XCM Horizon Data Warehouse

CRM Lifecycle

  • Product Vertical Strategy
  • Player Profiling & Segmentation Models
  • Player Integrated Journeys
  • Responsible Gambling Campaigns


  • Predictive & Descriptive Modelling
  • Pre-Churn to VIP Analysis
  • Bonus Insight & Management
  • Affiliate & Channel Optimisation

Reporting Suite

  • Executive Business Review
  • Marketing & CRM Performance
  • Vertical Product Trading Insight
  • Database Performance
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