Video_MarketingEvery marketer knows content is an important part of attracting, engaging and converting customers online. However, content can come in many different forms, from blogging to webinars and infographics. At the moment, the current king of content is video.

Below are some of the reasons as to why video has risen to be the king.

Increase in Conversions and Organic Traffic

A report by Adélie Studios found that 41% more organic traffic is generated by companies that use video marketing than those who don’t use it at all. Not only this but visitors from the traffic are more likely to convert into customers if video is used, with home pages featuring videos seeing 20% more conversions and landing pages seeing 80% more.

Joe Laratro, founder of Tandem Interactive, a digital marketing agency commented “We have seen video content be very powerful for e-commerce clients where products have a high touch and feel value. Google AdWords constantly makes conversions from YouTube content more likely with better ad units that can overlay e-commerce content.”

Easier to Retain Information

Only 10% of information is retained through reading, whereas when someone views a video they retain 95% of it. This is an incredible amount more, which shows just how powerful using video can be.

Also, when extra engagement is added, such as rewarding viewers with something within the video i.e. a link to extra digital content, completion rates significantly increase.

More Videos Are Wanted by the Market

Videos have been a big hit with the public, with 43% of people hoping that marketers will use videos even more in the future. There are currently four common video genres that are being focused on by businesses, these include – product demos, testimonials, tutorials and explainers.

Facebook’s Interest in Video Marketing

Facebook has been using videos to increase engagement for many years but earlier this year it began to double down on its investment. This is another good sign of how the medium is on the rise.

The social media giant recently released its new ad format – Collection which allows videos to play above four recommended products either of their own choosing or have Facebook pull popular options from their website. Once clicked upon they are taken to a landing page displaying up to 50 more products. This new ad format was tested by major brands such as Adidas and Michael Kors back in March with reports that conversions had doubled, and online sales were up 28%.  

Instagram and Snapchat

Snapchat has always been about video, but in 2016 Instagram decided to get more involved with this medium and included a stories section which allows the user to upload short videos of themselves for the rest of their followers to see.

This stories feature that both Snapchat and Instagram have can provide companies with brilliant opportunities. Now businesses have the option to have viewers click through their videos, and if they see something that catches their eye – add it to shopping carts.

Lots of companies all over the world are now enjoying hundreds of thousands of views because of their YouTube channels and stories. There is no shortage of potential with videos, the medium is an extremely worthwhile investment and learning how to leverage this into your business strategically will only result in your market expanding and more benefits coming your way.

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