Marketing_StrategiesOnline marketing and advertising strategies can be split into two categories: long-term and short-term.

For building traffic and sales quickly for a set amount of money short-term strategies are your best bet – a message or ad can be used to draw in an immediate but limited amount of new interested customers.

Whereas long-term strategies are a different ball game, and although they require more investment in both time and money, their effectiveness grows over time – ultimately leading to a higher long-term ROI and a better capacity to sustain themselves.

Below are some of the best long-term online marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been prevalent since email first came about, and it remains strong to this day despite all the new digital communications available now. Email marketing usually consists of promotional offers and newsletters being sent to a list of subscribers on a regular basis and has a range of advantages:

  • ROI – Studies have found that email marketing can provide a bigger ROI than any other form of marketing, sometimes estimated as returning around 400% of your investment.
  • Simplicity – For anyone with a basic grasp of marketing fundamentals, learning how to use email marketing should not be an issue. While it may take time and practise to master, it’s an approachable strategy that anyone can get to grips with.
  • Retention and Attraction – What makes email marketing so useful is that it not only pulls in new customers, but it is very effective at retaining old ones too.


Social Media

Social media may not see you develop a high ROI straight away but over time this method of marketing can prove to be very advantageous. Using channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allows you to build up a reputation for your brand and gives you access to a number of benefits:

  • Costs – Starting your social media journey will not cost you anything, it’s free to join and free to post, making social media one of the best for long-term profitability. One of the only investments you’ll have to make to your social media campaign is time.
  • Versatile – Once you’ve established your audience on social media it becomes the Swiss Army Knife of marketing. It can be used for promotions, attraction, engagement and even sales.
  • Potential – The sharing power of social media can give your brand some serious visibility if you get the timing right – as this medium is how content goes viral.



SEO is the process of increasing your rankings and visibility in search engines by optimising your website. This can hopefully lead to more revenue, traffic and show an increase in rankings, some of its other advantages include:

  • Targeting – SEO allows you to be extremely precise, it gives you the ability to track your metrics and see incredibly accurate details about your audience. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to capture every metric, such as domain authority, but overall presents you with a strong view of your audience.
  • Flexibility – The type of keywords you choose usually dictates your strategic direction and the type of visibility you want to earn. Since search engines are used by pretty much everyone, this makes SEO an extremely flexible strategy – it can be used for almost any business in any industry and customised to your needs.
  • Sustained Authority – Even after you’ve ended your campaign the benefits of it will continue as the authority that you’ve built up is permanent.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about the development, publication, and syndication of content that’s valuable to your customers. It can come in many forms, from entertainment to buying guides. The reasons for it being so valuable include:

  • Reputation – Content marketing is an excellent tool for building reputation and trust within your target audience for your brand. With this, it can lead to increased visibility, brand perceptions, and customer retention.
  • Conversions – Rather than just attracting your customers, your content can also be used to convert customers if you include a call-to-action in your posts.
  • Value that Lasts – The content that you add to your site increases your online value permanently, as it will remain on there for as long as you choose.
  • Strategic Complements – Content marketing can provide a boost to any of the other long-term marketing strategies featured above. For example, a source of material for your social media campaign or influence your organic search rankings.


The Nitty Gritty

All of these strategies are the best long-term strategies available right now allowing you to build your reputation and attract more traffic to your site. Which one you use depends on your own goals, but for the very best results, using these four strategies in tandem with one another is the best option.

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