Machine_Learning_ProductivityReplacing expensive workers with machines has been touted as a new way to increase productivity in businesses. A recent example of what may come in the near future is the replacement of millions of truck drivers to the first autonomous big rig.

Although, before we are all replaced by machines, we will become more productive through them as they will be helping us to make smart decisions. The use of technology to do this is called ‘intelligence augmentation’.

This intelligence comes from AI technology using computer processing power to find and evaluate options more quickly than people could – you may have heard about AI’s recent success over humans at chess. This kind of machine learning comes from the AI being able to evaluate a finite set of options and pick the best move – learning from its past experiences. It is how it can pick the best available outcome.

Here is where humans come into the equation, as business decisions require more than just evaluating options, there are ethics and intangibles to consider. Things which computers can’t account for. But this intelligence enables humans to take the evaluated results that the AI has provided and offer suggestions from it. It’s this cooperation between machine and humanity that will boost productivity to the next level.

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