Email marketing conversion funnelEmail marketing conversion funnels are fantastic ways of turning prospects into customers. They help motivate recipients to make a purchase or complete another action at that very moment. The success of conversion email marketing funnels comes from sending highly targeted, personalised messages, with the actions you want the recipients to take being abundantly clear and specific. Below are some of the most popular conversion email marketing funnels.

Trial Upgrade

Offering a free trial of your product is a brilliant idea for converting customers – as it allows for people to see what your product is all about. The only problem with this is that not everyone will upgrade to the full product once the trial is over. Following customers up by sending them messages about the benefits they could miss out on if they don’t upgrade, or offering free setup/training to them are other effective ways of converting customers.

Abandoned Cart

Customers can sometimes end up starting the checkout process on your website but not end up completing it. This is where abandoned cart funnels come into action to prevent them from getting away. Sending customers an immediate series of follow up messages created to motivate them to complete their purchase once they’ve abandoned their cart is the key here. The messages could be anything from offering a discount or free shipping.

Cross-sell and Add-ons

The best time to present complementary products to a customer is whenever they are actively making a purchase on your website. Once a customer has purchased a product, cross-sell and add-on conversion email funnels can be set to deploy immediately, introducing new products and why they’re perfect complements to the original purchase. To boost sales even further, including a discount on the complementary products can help.

Special Offers and Promotions

Often these days, consumers need an extra nudge when it comes to making a purchase. People’s lives are so busy, it’s easy to put off making a purchase until the purchase is no longer necessary. To help provide that extra nudge for people, special offer and promotion conversion funnels can be sent when people are viewing specific pages on your website or for time-sensitive/seasonal products. The use of countdown timers in these mailings also work extremely well in increasing response rates, as well as hyping up the special offers and promotions in additional follow up messages.

Free Demonstration

For more complex products that people need to see to truly understand, demonstrations are usually offered. To gain a demonstration you usually would have to provide your contact information and speak to a salesperson. To motivate potential customers into making a purchase the salesperson needs to make them feel comfortable, usually, this can be achieved by sending them reminder messages before and after the demo and following up with useful information/helpful links/testimonials and other content that will remove any doubt about buying the product for the customers.

Loyalty Programs

Creating loyalty programs that trigger on a subscriber’s actions, such as when a subscriber makes their first purchase, second, and third allows you to reward your most loyal customers. The messages sent out to these loyal subscribers should make the user feel special as a member of this exclusive group and explain how they work. In future, these customers can become brand advocates for your company so make sure to nurture them using personalised, dynamic content.

Refer a Friend

Creating a refer a friend program is a great way to give your brand the potential to reach far and wide due to your subscribers being connected to other people online and offline. After someone makes a purchase on your list, you can then begin sending out messages detailing the refer a friend program – how it works and what you can get for referring a friend. Making this sharable online allows for further reach, and to turn this into a conversion funnel, offer a special discount to those that share amongst their friends.

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