Email_OverwhelmedThe importance and value of email cannot be disputed, but despite this there is no questioning that the average consumer receives a lot of emails per day. This creates many challenges for Marketers, with them not only having a much harder time cutting through the noise to reach their audience, but also with many consumers feeling overwhelmed by the number of emails they receive.

According to a recent study by Campaigner, 49% say they receive too many emails from marketers and business owners. This is now something business owners must consider when planning email marketing campaigns. In fact, Campaigner researchers found that 29% would like much less from a brand, once per month or less.

This doesn’t mean that email marketing has outlived its usefulness. With 75% of online shoppers saying they’re ‘somewhat likely’ to open branded messages. Similarly, 44% say email is there preferred method of communication for brands. Business owners and marketers that take this into account and learn to balance the right amount of emails for a customer or provide options for email frequency will come out the other side smelling of roses.

The General Manager at Campaigner, EJ McGowen said “The findings signal that in this day and age, consumers both expect and appreciate email messages from their favourite brands, however, savvy marketers must do their due diligence to research and determine what cadence of email is most effective for their audience. Acting on these insights will ensure that campaigns are successful from the perspective of both sender and recipient.”

Even though this study just focused on email marketing, its learnings can also be applied to other marketing tactics such as social media apps and websites that feature notifications to pull users back to their sites. Overuse of these notifications can be just as annoying to consumers as receiving too many emails.

Balance of both email and notifications is extremely important, they can be useful but also equally annoying if not used in moderation. To be effective, marketers need to be aware of this.

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