Data_QualityCompanies are increasingly using automated data systems to drive their marketing processes, but are worried about its accuracy and the potential harm it may cause.

As companies grow, the volume of its data can expand exponentially, and in no time becomes too big for the internal staff to manage effectively. At the same time, technology systems have evolved to work with this ever-increasing data pot to fuel the continued growth of the business.

In successful businesses, this cycle repeats until something breaks. The process cannot easily be halted due to the increased targets being met and no budget in place to correct the problem.

In all walks of life, we hear “we can do that” or more so in commercial environments “IT can do that” The ideas are discussed and implemented without due regard to the tasks of maintenance and support.

Company data systems are developed without considering the on-going data cleansing or maintenance. Once the need is identified, very often it becomes a major headache which is too big to handle in-house.

Data specialists, like XCM, are extremely experienced with dealing with these challenges, as part of our toolkit, we have specialist tools designed to Validate, de-Dupe and Integrity-check client data containing hundreds of millions of records as part of our Data, Integration, Analytics, and CRM tools. Our reference systems can identify and validate names, street addresses, Postcodes, email addresses and many more highly valuable client data fields.

Data can be acquired from any source or medium from proprietary database systems to flat-file transaction reports and then returned to you or applied to any or all of our services and tools to create the source for your next campaign.

Remember that erroneous data can be very costly in terms of lost sales, lost clients, or even severe negative publicity, so, treat your data with the respect it deserves.

Call Luke Ibbetson, our Sales Director, for an informal chat to see how XCM can reduce your worries.

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