The world is bursting with data from many different sources, such as smart phones, retail websites and internet cookies. The latest statistics from Domo prove this, stating that 90% has been created in the last two years, with approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created in a day.

Data Never Sleeps

The statistics come from Domo’s fifth annual infographic that delves into the world’s data generation patterns. The global internet population has risen since 2016 and now encompasses around 3.7 billion humans. The US lead this, and generate a massive 2,657,700 gigabytes of internet data every minute.

This rise of internet based media platforms and services such as Amazon, Netflix and YouTube are the main causes of this rapid growth. Amazon are currently enjoying profits of around $258,751 sales per minute and YouTube is racking up around 4.14 million videos every minute, streaming more videos than ever. Netflix saw a 20% decrease watching hours from last year, but despite this it still accounts for a huge amount of data.

Social Media, Weather and Rideshares

The report listed some of the biggest concerns to data users per minute. See these listed below:

  • Weather – 18 Million forecast requests were made on the Weather Channel website.
  • Text Messages –2 Million text messages were sent.
  • Uber – Over 45,000 trips were navigated.
  • Spotify – 13 new songs were added to its inventory.
  • Twitter – 456,000 tweets were posted on Twitter.
  • Instagram – 46,740 new photos were posted onto the app.
  • Google –6 million searches were made.
  • Wikipedia – 600 new page edits.

Of course, not all the data was used by big companies. Scam artists also took up a huge chunk of data, sending over 100,000,000 spam emails every minute.

As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, the rate and amount of data is only going to increase. The future is data.