Data_RevolutioniseIn the technological era we live in, the amount of data being generated every day is truly a marketer’s dream. From our browsing habits on the web, to IoT-connected devices in the home, and user profiles on social media. All of this is information that marketers can use to create campaigns that will generate conversions and win over customers. But despite how all this data can help, figuring out how to use it effectively can easily overwhelm the average business owner.

Many businesses feel data is overly complicated and doesn’t apply to them, but as technology advances and consumers become more and more connected, data is only going to become more essential and important.

Educating yourself about data is the first step to success. As once educated on it, insights can be drawn which can then go on to be used improve both business and marketing tactics. With many courses available online, learning how to find patterns from data should not be an issue.

Below are few ways in which data can benefit your business.

Determining Your Target Audience

Data allows you to see so much more than just seeing how many clicks you are getting on a certain campaign. It can show you exactly who is clicking, which is incredibly useful when it comes to determining your target audience.

Whether it be bankers, rugby players in Leeds or females between the ages of 25 – 40, data can be as specific as you want it to be. Once you have this information, you can begin to segment different audiences and invest in the highest performing groups.

Finding More Customers

Data allows you to create a picture of your overall marketing efforts. It gives you the ability to measure which methods have had the most success and from there either modify them or just remove completely and try a new strategy. The real drivers of revenue can be found with data, allowing you to focus on them or allocate a small portion of your budget to exploring new sources, which can result in predictable and maximized ROI.

Finding Potential Candidates

Using data to find and entice new customers isn’t the only thing that it can be used for. Now with social media platforms for professionals such as LinkedIn, using segmentation with the data from it, positions can be narrowed down to find the perfect person. Seeking out potential recruits can also be done by using keywords and search phrases found on the ideal resume – gone are the days of having to trawl through hundreds of applications, data can now do this for you with ease.

Future Goals

Using tools such as Toggl, data gives you the power to see the effectiveness of your employees. You can see how long each employee spends on each task, who are your highest performers and figure out which areas need more help as well as much more. This gives you the ability to get much more transparent KPIs each quarter which allows you to improve your business.

Using data has incredible benefits, giving you all the insights that you need in order to revolutionise the way that you do business that you never thought possible.

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