The rise of big data over the last few years has been rapid. The amount of data compared to what we had in the past is huge, so huge that we are now struggling to make sense of it all.

How this data is used, analysed and presented is now the emphasis of big data companies. Below are some of the key big data trends that you need to be aware of today.

Bigger Emphasis on Predictive Analytics

Once you’ve invested in big data, the next step is to use analytics to showcase past performance as well as generate predictive analytics for the future.

Being able to make informed decisions about the future from analytics is possibility the most important trend in big data today, and will be the key to success for years to come.

For example, only a third of hospital executives utilize predictive analytics despite 80 percent agreeing that they are important. The amount utilizing them can only get bigger as companies realise the importance of predictive analytics.

Deep Learning

As big data has developed it has gotten us closer to a time of deep learning and artificial general intelligence.

Deep learning which derives its power from big data has brought about the next natural evolution in AI. Fuelled by the neural networks of our brain, deep learning is a subcategory of machine learning with the aim of creating artificial neural networks that can discover patterns in big data.

This might be some way away yet but it shows how we can take the power of our brains even further and just how powerful big data can be.

Rise of the Data Engineer

Data scientists have been one of the most hired professions over the past year, with companies falling over themselves to hire them.

Despite this, the rise of the title of data engineer could end up replacing the need for data scientists.  Data engineers build and design the infrastructure, a position that has been somewhat in the background, but will continue to grow in importance over the next 12 months. This can be seen with the number of engineers doubling from 2013 to 2015.

Big Data as a Self Service

The adoption and influence of big data will be truly energized by the prominence of big data as a self-service. Companies have built up mounds of data over the years but only now are they starting to think about capitalising on it.

Self-service platforms that allow clients access to proprietary data is something that more companies will start to do. The insights that can be gathered from these platforms can be used to help improve businesses, and is a huge opportunity for small and medium sized businesses.

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