Businesses spend approximately 29% of their marketing budget on content marketing according to estimates from the Content Marketing Institute.

However, there are quite a few challenges to take on in content marketing. It isn’t as simple as just posting out a good idea. Establishing a user base, creating content, and then getting people to read it are examples of ways for gathering up support for your content marketing venture.

Below are three tips outlining what businesses and individuals can do when getting stuck into content marketing, from Jayson DeMers, founder of SEO agency AudienceBloom.

Competitor Research

Before writing anything, DeMers recommends seeing what’s already out there. To Look for the kind of content that you’re wanting to promote before doing it yourself. This will give you the opportunity to learn and think about how to create your own strategy.

“Look at businesses like yours, and see what they’re doing in terms of content marketing. What types of articles seem to be the most popular? How often are they publishing? Whom are they targeting?” DeMers says.

“Even if your businesses are nearly identical, don’t be tempted to copy others’ strategy, exactly. Instead, learn from them, and take inspiration to form your own.”

Strong Goals

Having goals set out of what you want your content marketing to have achieved soon is something that DeMers also recommends.

He says, “Start setting goals for your publication — and determine what results you want to see,”

“For example, how often do you want to publish? How many impressions do you hope to achieve with your first publication efforts, and how fast and high do you want them to grow?”

“Finally, how do you want to improve yourself as a marketer? You need to set a vision for yourself.”

Experiment with your First Posts

The first posts that you create might not be the easiest to complete and aren’t necessarily going to gain you the amount of traction that you’d ideally want, therefore DeMers says to treat these as experiments.

“Take some time after the draft is complete to revise and edit your work, following the best practices you learned when you briefed yourself; then put them into practice,” he says.

“Treat these articles as an experiment, watching carefully to see how people react to your work and taking notes about what you could do better.”

These three steps from DeMers experience will hopefully provide you with a graceful step to future success in your own content marketing campaigns.

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