Infographics_ImportanceInfographics have received a lot of bad reviews recently but despite this the infographic design agency founder Brian Wallace, as well as a 2016 Content Marketing Institute study asserts, “The effectiveness rating for infographics rose more in one year than any other tactic—from 50 percent to 58 percent.”

A creative infographic can make dull content much more digestible for a wider audience when done well and as part of a larger marketing and PR Strategy.

Featured below are a few ways an infographic can help your brand establish its story:

  • Common routes such as blogs or contributed articles are sometimes a difficult way to explain your brands product – the use of an infographic can help to explain it visually. Whether that be telling the evolution of your company, generate buzz about a product launch or outline a process. It can even be used to offer perspective or expertise on your industry, clarify where your brand fits in or explain key players.
  • In the age we’re in now, we are constantly connected, and because of this people are easily distracted by online information. According to a Huffington Post blog on infographics, “a whopping 65% of people are visual learners.” Therefore, using infographics is a fantastic way to cut through the clutter. Do this with simple but eye-catching, highly pertinent information that outlines and makes sure the clear key messages are shown.
  • Use an infographic as a pitching tool to set yourself apart from everyone else. They are easy to share and when you find the right outlet, chances are increased that your audience will see it.

Despite these tips, make sure to develop an agenda and marketing plan before putting together a marketing plan. Without one the success of your infographic could be hindered completely.

Wallace comments on this saying “Content marketers should look at an infographic as a special event for super-premium content to use as part of their overall integrated marketing strategy. It should fit in with the cadence of their regular social, blog, webinar, email and tradeshow/event content.”

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