Content_Marketing_2018Although 2018 may feel like it is still quite far away, the reality is, it will be here quicker than we know it. As businesses know, the last few months of the working year fly by. Below are five content marketing trends to look out for in the next year.

Media Acquisition

Content marketing has been around for a long time. It’s first noted appearance was in the United States in 1732 when Benjamin Franklin published Poor Richard’s Almanack, which he created to promote his printing business. Another example was in 1895, when John Deere published a magazine called The Furrow, aimed at Farmers. From both examples it’s clear to see that content marketing is a time-honoured profession.

Large companies that own many brands can now buy existing media platforms to create an online portal which they can use to house a range of content. This can then be used to educate, entertain and inform readers while subtly highlighting their own products or services.

Many companies have already started to do this. Johnson & Johnson have recently created BabyCenter, a source of information full of pregnancy and parenting information which reaches more than 45 million parents every month.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is not a new concept to us, it’s assortment of connected devices have been in our lives for many years now, from wearable tech such as Fitbit’s, to digital assistants such as Google Home. Neil Patel, content marketing guru believes that in 2018 IoT is only going to get bigger and better – taking it to new places that will be of great benefit to all of us.

He comments “The Internet of Things has made it so that content can be all around us, interwoven into our daily lives in a way that’s hands and eyes free. With sensors, device pairing, and beacon-based proximity marketing, there are growing opportunities for content interactions that go beyond audience engagement. It’s content that is highly targeted and is available to your audience in more formats, at the right time, in the right place, when they need it most,”


Video is nothing new, but since the first uploaded video to YouTube back in 2005 video presence has dominated the internet. Live video, which is already popular, is expected to soar to even greater heights in 2018. Facebook has recently commented on videos, claiming that triple the amount of time is spent on watching live videos than regular ones.

It has also been found that users are more than 10 times likely to comment on a live video. With 80% of respondents preferring to watch a live video than a pre-reordered version.

Voice Search

Using your voice to search is a relatively new, but according to Google, 20% of all searches are now conducted via voice, with the number expecting to rise rapidly in 2018.

Because of this it’s important for all marketers and brands to be aware of the importance of the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) standard. This standard allows your site to load quickly resulting in Google rewarding and allowing your website to show up in search engine results pages much easier.

Within the next three years, it is expected that 30% of web browsing sessions will be conducted without a screen. From this Google’s organic search results are expected to decline while the use of voice search increases.


VR and AR have been predicated to make a big splash for a few years now, but haven’t managed to just yet. Co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co, John Hall spoke about how confident he is that 2018 will be the year in which we will see it happen.

He commented, “For a lot of brands, VR and AR present unexplored marketing territory, and you may not feel ready to go all-in on these technologies just yet. And I don’t blame you – you should definitely walk before you run.”

He also added, “So if you’re not ready to bring your content into virtual reality, just view this trend as a reminder to improve your visual content. Creating interactive graphics, videos, and apps not only makes for a more engaging content marketing strategy, but it also lays the groundwork for future experiments in VR/AR.”

2018 is expected to be an exciting time if these predictions come true, filled with interesting new technology leading to increased brand awareness, and higher conversion rates for both marketers and brands alike.

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