Linley's_ExpansionDavid Linley Furniture Ltd, now known as Linley, have recently received a substantial cash injection to allow them to pursue their expansion strategy.

David Linley, known more formally as the 2nd Earl of Snowdon, is the nephew of HRH Queen Elizabeth II and was born in 1961 as David Armstrong-Jones.  David is also the chairman of Christie’s auction house in London.

As well as a growing online presence, Linley has stores in Belgravia and Piccadilly as well as a concession at Harrods in Knightsbridge.  Linley offers high-end custom-made furniture and accessories and their clientele are typically discerning, affluent and appreciative of style over price.

The business model leans heavily on its customer loyalty and many of Linley’s online patrons are from within a mile of their Belgravia store.  Understanding customer demographics and developing loyalty alongside is a key focus for Linley and this is one of the primary reasons that they have enlisted the services of XCM.

Luke Ibbetson, XCM Director feels Linley is at a crucial point in its life stage and should making the right decisions with the new levels of investment, “XCM are supporting Linley in several capacities, but it all starts with gaining clarity around the basics. While loyalty is crucial to sales, we are also supporting them in terms of new customer growth, helping them to really understand what that means in terms of the size of the prize”

Luke continued “Profiling, segmentation and predictive analytics are the starting points to guide clients on which key investments to make and where those opportunities reside.”

He went on to add “From here we steer and develop the strategy using the right testing methodologies and tactical campaigns to realise the value that our analytics provide”

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