XCM_Bluecrest_PartnershipXCM are delighted to announce a new two-year partnership with Bluecrest Health Screening after a successful start to the relationship throughout 2016.

Bluecrest Health Screening was founded by Peter Blencowe in 2012 to fill a gap in the UK private health screening sector. To continue its growth, the company enlisted the services of XCM in 2016, where initially their main objective was to support and grow the B2C channel for Bluecrest, executing campaigns mainly through the Direct Mail channel.

XCM used its team of analysts to roll out their advanced modelling and propensity scoring techniques to build out a mailing strategy that delivered significant acquisition rates across the UK.

Using its strong relationships with several key tier one data sources, XCM were able to target the most effective prospects, whilst deploying its own models to deliver monthly mailing volumes for Bluecrest throughout 2016.

XCM have used valuable variables to build into the overall models within the prospect universe which have proven to be very powerful and predictive.  These models are constantly optimized in order to yield higher mailing volumes, whilst still maintaining the desired response rates and profit margins.

“Bluecrest has seen an amazing overall 43% annual growth” said Managing Director Peter Blencowe, who added “It was a combination of the more effective acquisition campaigns by XCM and increased retention and corporate accounts over the period”

Peter goes on to say “XCM delivers constant optimisation and learning to seek enhanced performance that is crucial to our acquisition strategy. They are always thinking to the future to ensure we maintain and build on what has been a great start to our partnership. I have also been very keen to get XCM involved in other parts of our business moving forward which has already kicked off around retention segmentation, business intelligence and best of breed technologies”.

As Peter mentions, XCM have built on this acquisition solution and now support Bluecrest across several areas of their business such as Marketing Strategy, CRM Technology Implementation, Retention Campaign Automations and Dynamic Business Wide Reporting.

The strength of the ongoing relationship between the two businesses has been recently cemented with the signing of a new two-year agreement where XCM will continue to develop these services, showing a significant commitment from both sides to build on the successful relationship.

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