National_Citizen_Service_PartnersThe National Citizen Service offers social, work and life experiences for 16 & 17-year-olds in England and Northern Ireland by enabling the development of key life skills.

The once in a lifetime opportunity offers the chance of living away from home, developing life skills and interacting with all peer backgrounds.

This Government-backed scheme is currently making its way through the House of Lords to obtain a Royal Charter to place it on a firm and permanent statutory footing.

Hundreds, if not thousands of local delivery organisations across the country have been encouraged to facilitate the transition from secondary school to college, sixth form or employment by bringing together small teams of disparate teenagers and encouraging them to live and work together towards a local community action project.

The NCS has recently formed a collaboration with the organisation, who specialise in placing young people in either apprenticeships or traineeships. As a nationwide-servicing Internet-based company, they can offer opportunities in almost every location and most industries. At the time of writing, they have advertised over 13,000 positions and shortlisted over 23,000 candidates in the last 30 days! An outstanding achievement and the figures seem to be constantly rising.

The partnership will be able to feed candidates with broader experiences, deeper understanding and greater awareness of the work ethic into employment, setting them up with a much-improved chance of success in both their chosen careers and social lives.

XCM analysts and developers actively assist the development of this initiative by managing their marketing campaigns which are aimed at potential participants and their parents or guardians.

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