Card_Factory_XCMGift retailer Card Factory has seen a continued rise in sales going into the third quarter, with shares up 3.8 per cent as of this morning.

Total sales for the Wakefield headquartered retailer for the first nine months of 2017 were up from last year’s rate of 4.4 per cent to 6.7 per cent.

Karen Hubbard, Chief Executive at Card Factory said, “We go into the important final quarter with an exciting and extended Christmas offer and remain confident that our quality and value credentials will continue to resonate well with our customers, with the added benefit of EPOS and contactless in every store.”

There have been 38 new UK stores open in the year, bringing the total number of stores overall in the UK to 903, with the company is still on track to reach its target of 50 new UK stores by the end of the current financial year. Not only that but the gift retailer has started to build a solid pipeline of new store opportunities for the next financial year.

The weaker exchange rate and national living wage have put ongoing external pressure on the company which is more than likely to continue into the next year.

Despite this the company looks stronger than ever, reporting its best first-half sales figures since its IPO, with the management at the company commenting on how its offerings now and over the Christmas period would continue to resonate with customers.

Online business for Card Factory has been continuing to grow and attract customers with both and seeing an increased number of visitors over the third quarter period.

Luke Ibbetson, Director at XCM commented:

“These new financial results are very exciting for Card Factory and Getting Personal. They have invested in the right areas to facilitate growth and as we can see this is starting to pay off for them. In the past 6 months we have started to roll out our data driven CRM strategies for both brands, and we’ve seen some very encouraging signs from initial testing results. We are very keen to expand the journey more going into 2018, with further opportunities to explore.”

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