Brick_and_MortarNew in store technologies are being considered as a business priority by almost one-in-two UK retailers in the coming year.

High street stores focus is changing to try and replicate the same level of service as online retailer’s seamless transactions.

1,000 consumers were recently surveyed by Retail Week in association with ShopperTrack to find out how the way that they shop on the high street is being shaped by the economic climate.

The report produced from this survey showed that bricks and mortar shopping is still sought after – with 71% of consumers making at least 60% of their purchases in-store, and 11% who’s purchases are still all made in a physical shop.

Despite this, ShopperTrak found that shopper’s needs were better tailored to online than in store with 55% believing this. Another 52% wishing that stores could understand them better.

There is a lot of things that retailers can’t control but this is not the case with big data, with big data they can personalise and control the in-store experience.

For some retailers, the hassle of this may be a turn off but making use of this new technology is essential to enhance profits and boost the in-store experience.

The bottom line is that if a business can create a unique experience that connects all the interactions a consumer has with their brand it will gain strong competitive advantage and have an overall positive impact.