Students_PrepareA selection of Universities in the US are making headlines for teaching students how to work in the world of data analytics.

Undergraduate students at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication are been given access to real-world data via a founded Insights and Analytics Lab, eCampus News reports.

“Over the past decade, the importance of self-service data analysis has increased dramatically. In response to these changes in the industry, the UO SOJC found a way to offer its students experiential learning in these new, highly sought-after skills,” The article states.

Live TV ratings and advertising insights are derived in the lab, which is teaching the students valuable skills that are in line with today’s jobs.

Recent graduate Madeleine McNally said “The class gives students unique access to industry leaders, robust data sets and hands-on experience with analytics software. It equipped me with the skills and knowledge to accept a media analytics position, where I am expected to work with large data sets — cleansing, transforming and pulling insights for clients.”

UO’s business school is also getting involved with the data experience, having recently rebranded with an analytics concentration that focuses on how analytics fuel management decisions and big data.

Other schools are also getting on board with analytic-themed programs, Denison University launched an analytics major in fall 2016.

One of the first data analytic programs launched at Ohio State University a few years ago reports that its graduates are poised for high-calibre jobs and internships. To meet industry demands it is predicted by the programs founder that more data analytic majors will pop up in the next few years.