Our Mission Statement:

“To be constantly aspirational in creating exponential value for all who touch us“

XCM enable competitive advantages across many market verticals within the UK and across the world. The development of our people, solutions & services aligned to our experience and skills enables opportunity into reality


XCM, established with the mission of delivering exponential value in all we do.

Our name defines our ambition X10 C100 M1000XCMLOGO exponentialNBG

We push the boundaries, elevate the debate and invest in ‘the art of the possible’

We are XCM-er’s: Bold, Bright & Effective

Graham Ibbetson - Managing Director

Details relating to XCM's company Managing Director Graham Ibbetson

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“My purpose at XCM is to support and grow a thriving enterprise”

I will always drive competitive advantages with our Team and Partners for our Clients in any market sector. We have outstanding minds, experience and a toolkit to deliver exponential results. I love integrity in people and quality in the process.

I hate procrastination, hey! take the opportunity NOW!

My psychometric profile defines me as a Lion, I do love my pride.
Favourite wine? …  Amarone … with good company, but not to share!

Luke Ibbetson - Company Director

Luke Ibbeston, director of XCM's biography

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“My mission is to win in everything we do as a Team which includes our Clients & Partners”

Winning doesn’t come overnight, but in order to win we all have to be ambitious, innovative and motivated to get ahead of the game.

I am pleased to say we have the players, the game plan and the toolkit in spades at XCM.

So…. what are we waiting for? Get on the train…

I guess you know by now I am competitive, I love sport. I also love travelling the world and socialising with family and friends along the journey!!

Andy Masters - Company Director

Biography of XCM company director Andy Masters

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“My entrepreneurial spirit, generating exponential results for clients best describes my purpose at XCM”

I bring ‘common sense’ to data intelligence no matter how complex, always motivating consumers, in generating profit for any organisation.

I don’t do politics or failure, I live the XCM motto; Bold, Bright & Effective, for clients, XCM and our people.

Luckily enough my hobby is my work, but don’t mind a bit of sailing.

Matthew Morton - Legal Counsel

the biography of XCM Company legal advisor Matthew Morton

XCM chevron logo matthew@mortonlegal.co.uk
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“Pro-active commercial legal advice to the Company and the Board”

XCM is a growing vibrant company with new ideas and bespoke technology, so it is a very exciting time to be part of the team.

Work hard and play hard!

Currently learning to fly a helicopter, becoming a rally driver and hope to join the Senior Tour when I’m old enough.

Lynne Ibbetson - Company Secretary

Lynne Ibbetson Director and Company Secretary for XCM

The XCM Chevron lynne.ibbetson@xcm-uk.com
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“My experience and focus is to control corporate governance and financial management effectively”

My style is always to provide clarity and honesty to all XCM Stakeholders, my door is always open, call me.

I work diligently with my fellow Directors, Shareholders and Professional Services Partners to ensure best practice and corporate responsibility is assured.

I have integrity, I am proud of my life and family, love the sun and oaked Chardonnay…. please.


We are ‘XCM-ers’ –




Jonathan Miles - Director of Multi Channel

Jonathan Miles, Director of XCM Multi Channel 1000x900

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“My overarching objective is to create a profitable Customer communication strategy for all of our clients.”

I visualize the ‘client-side’ perspective, which in turn augments XCM’s capability to provide the most appropriate solutions.

We utilise proven lifecycle strategies, through seamless marketing automation and the latest CRM technology. Advancing our clients beyond traditional ‘Customer Relationship Marketing’.

I am open and honest with a straight talking approach in general. I strive to learn, thriving on creativity but most importantly….be a fun daddy for my two little tykes!

Jason Brown - Director of Analytics

Jason Brown - Director of Analytics 1000x900

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“My focus is to generate actionable insight powerful enough to change our clients’ customers behaviour.”

I will drive investment in our set of analytical modules, processes and methodology so XCM can always offer true value to clients, regardless of their sector or size.

We are continuously improving our analytical team’s skills on new data sources and technology, so that all our clients benefit from the learnings too.

I value openness and curiosity as a means to challenge confirmation bias, I am also passionate about self-improvement and would probably be considered a fitness freak!

Natalie Poleon - Head of Client Management

Natalie Poleon - Head of Client Management

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“My purpose at XCM is to ensure we agree and meet Client expectations, always building strong relationships.”

I focus on planning & service delivery through quality procedures.

I regard myself as pivotal to ‘getting things done to a high standard’, on time and on budget with our pool of expertise at XCM.

Socially, I love special days, but simple things work too, I love fish & chips and wine by the sea-side!

Peter Hyndman - Lead Systems Architect & Analyst

Peter Hyndman XCM's Lead Systems Architect & Analyst

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“My role here is to get things moving and keep them moving forward for both the client and the team.”

I’ll always push for better performance out of systems and tools while striving for greater breadth in analytical insight.

Having a great team working together to achieve the same goal is vital, and we’ve certainly got that here. Everyone upskills everyone else, knows their role, and smashes it for 6 more often than not.

If I’m not knee deep in some coding you’ll either catch me with a guitar or a pint (or both at the same time)!

Nathan Evans - Client Director

Nathan Evans - Client Director 1000x900

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“My purpose at XCM is to drive value, provide solid consultation and do the detail for our clients”

I focus on ensuring that all client expectations, campaigns and projects are met, in addition to working as an extension of our clients marketing team to help them achieve their targets and overcome any obstacles they face.

One team, one goal! Being around a dynamic, bright team who work for each other ensures that we deliver results for our clients.

I’m a family man and have identical twin daughters, life long Leeds United fan and massively into my DIY – who doesn’t love playing with power tools?

David Aston - Development Testing Manager

David Aston - Development Testing Manager 1000x900

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“My purpose at XCM is to lead a testing team to assure the services – both which we use and provide.”

My team and I ensure the tools and insight we are providing our customers meet their needs and my team work with the clients’ interests at the forefront of everything we do.

We want to ensure that our customers have efficient, precise, accurate and proficiently presented platforms from which they can utilize and gather insight from their data.

I enjoy creating process and procedure that my team can be involved in, believe in and gives them the opportunity to learn and improve whilst still meeting the needs of our clients.
Keen golfer, new father and classic Yorkshire man (having a pint of ale down the pub with the dog).


“Clients are the soul of our aspirations, our value defines us, our Clients define our value”


“XCM create the best solution for our Clients, the Partners are a valued extension of our enterprise”

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